Alice in Wonderland goes rock and roll.
  • I don’t even know how to use Tumblr anymore.

  • I wish I had a couch to give you, but I’m staying in relatives and the house is full. But, if you need friends to hang, you can count on me! :)


    who wants to hang out in London in September?

    I might be looking for a couch to crush for a few days, if anyone wants to pyjama party with me.

  • What the hell is wrong with you, do you feel anything? Yeah you think everything’s screwed, I guess that’s a feeling. So you wanna spend the rest of our lives staring into a fire and eating mud snakes? Screw that, we might as well do something.

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  • Saudades de não me importar.

  • Uma ou duas vezes por mês eu viajo pra Santa Catarina pra ver minha família. Ultimamente, tudo o que eu quero é que as viagens durem pra sempre.

    Porque, olha, tem sido o único momento em que tudo que eu preciso me preocupar é em ler, dormir e fazer o tempo passar.